About me:

My name is Uri Beer. I am a free lance Tour Guide specializing in Private Guided Car Tours all over Israel. I carry a Tour-Guide’s license issued by the government of Israel and have gathered over many years a lot of experience working with visitors, young and old, from many countries and different denominations. I am fluent in English and German. Besides my activity as a private Tour Guide I am proud to have been chosen to work for the last 15 years as a Tour Guide on study-tours for Groups in the German language for the prestigious German Tour Operator Studiosus Reisen München GmbH. Studiosus Reisen München was founded 60 years ago and operate the best tours in the German language all over the world. They have been awarded many times with the highest appreciation for their tours and are famous for their hand picking of the best local Tour Guides in the countries of their destinations for the benefit of their customers. I can’t think of a better recommendation.

I was born and raised in Haifa and have spent my adult life in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

I have studied at the Hebrew University and have served in the armed and defense forces of Israel for more than fifteen years. Out of deep conviction that Israel is very special for many people in the world I decided to go back after my service and study to become a licensed Private Tour Guide for all of Israel.  While on my tours, I get my audience curious, interested and amused by combining knowledge of history and archeology with love of nature, Flora and Fauna, daily political events, economics Israeli inventions and statistics. My interest in traveling throughout Israel has a long history. My father loved to explore the country and taught me the beauty of exploring. When he first immigrated to this country in 1933 he used to write his impressions and send his articles to be published by a Jewish magazine in Europe. As a boy, I used to join my father on his weekly hiking tours organized by a nature-loving group called Meshotetim.  I joined a youth movement as a teenager to continue hiking. I possess a deep knowledge of Israel from many aspects. My knowledge is based on the formal level of my studies, my life-long hiking experience and the fact that I have lived in Israel all my life through good times and difficult times and have witnessed an immense development of the country (with unavoidable ups and downs). This gives me the tools the authority, and the ability to understand analyze, compare and explain important issues and events that have taken place here.


My Interests:

People, history, archeology, geography, flora & fauna, religions, architecture, art, food & wine.


Why Israel ?

What makes Israel so special is its ancient history combined with the unique phenomena of a country to which the descendants of its original ancient inhabitants have returned from exile after two thousand years. This explains the unusual colorful and unique mix of people from all corners of the world who comprise Israel. Many people in this country came from different backgrounds and were raised in different languages but have consciously united in Israel to recreate a new modern culture based on their ancient tradition, and renew the use of their ancient Hebrew Language. Their success is mind-blowing. And all of that in less than one hundred years.

I have chosen to become a Tour Guide out of love for this fascinating country.

In spite of its small size Israel has a great variety of landscapes caused by different climatic zones from the snow covered mountains of the north to the Bay of Eilat in  the south where one can go for a swim in the winter. But Israel is much more than a beautiful country. It is the cradle of the important monotheistic religions and a unique example of tolerance towards people from other religions. That is why I can offer the best Private Car Tours and tailor cut my tours according to ones religious orientation.

I have lived In each of the three main cities: Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and I know them so well, like only someone who feels at home in all three of them can.  That is why I offer the best Private guided city-day tours.  I tailor cut my tours according to one’s religious orientation. Read more about Private guided city-day tours.


Other options of Private Guided Car Tours are available upon demand


Other regions of our Private Guided Car Tours are the South of Israel with Beer Sheva, the Negev desert, The Arava (a section of the Syrian-African Rift Valley), Eilat with options to cross the border and go on a tour of Petra in Jordan.


We tailor cut Private Guided Car Tours  of several days according to the interest and need of our customers.

We offer our booking services for a variety of hotels, from Guest farms through Kibbuz hotels to a large range of city hotels.

We offer bookings of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera, theater with english translation, other cultural events and a large choice of restaurants all over Israel.


Our usual mode of operation is based on a Guided Car Tour for 4 customers.


For a party larger than 4 and up to 11 passengers I offer my service in a Minibus which I drive-guide myself.