Q. Is Israel worth a visit?

A. Yes, If you want to be in an interesting country, which is the only democracy in the Middle East with Western values.


Q. Why should I hire a Tour Guide with a car for Private Tours in Israel?

A. Good question! A qualified Tour Guide will tell you much more than you will ever find in guide books and combine it with current events. Also, driving experience in Israel might be difficult for most people which also applies to parking. Same applies to parking. Park a car in a wrong place to find out later that the car has been towed away. With a Private Tour Guide you will be free of worries, able to enjoy the tour and save time and money on unnecessary fines.


Q. Is Israel safe?

A. Recent catastrophic events in Asia, Europe, Turkey and the US prove that Israel is safer than many other countries.


Q. What if something should happen?

A. Past events have trained Israelis to handle every situations fast and in an optimal efficient way.


Q. Is 'tap water safe to drink?

A. Yes, Israel follows the water disinfection application standards for the EU and FDA.


Q. Shall I change money and bring Israeli currency from home?

A. You will find out that the rate of exchange for US$ and Euros and other currencies to Israeli Shekel in Israel, is a lot better in Israel than at home.

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