Typical private guided city-day tour

(All tours can be altered to fit customer’s interest or needs)

Tel Aviv:

The sky scrapers of modern Tel Aviv, the commercial and cultural center of Israel, prove how the city developed and flourished side by side with ancient Jaffa. A great panoramic view of the city presents it’s self from the historic hill of Jaffa and it is a good start for a day-tour through the city. We will cover different parts of the city. The Biblical story of King Solomon in Jaffa as well as the Christian story of St. Peter are worth telling. So is the story of Napoleon in Jaffa and the religiously motivated Christians who came in swarms in the 19th Century and tried to set foot in Jaffa. We will track the fast expansion of Tel Aviv beyond Jaffa in the first decade of the 20th century, visit important monuments like the first train station, the first high-school, the “White City” -Bauhaus section, the German Colony, the Carmel Market, the Old Harbour, “The Farmers Market”, Yitzhak Rabin’s Memorial, Museum of The Diaspora and opt typical food tasting.


Tel Aviv - out and Beyond / South:

(This tour is often chosen by who spent time in Tel Aviv and would like to explore the vicinity of Tel Aviv)


A short drive from Tel Aviv brings us to Hollon. The pride of the city is the beautiful Museum of Design by the architect and artist Ron Arad and is worth a stop for all year round design exhibitions. Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot is world renowned. A multi-media show tells about research projects and participating scientists from all over the world. A visit to the Haim Weizmann’s Villa, a unique Bauhaus building surrounded by a beautiful gardens, is a must. The presidential Ford Lincoln limousine, on the premisses, is one of it’s kind, a present to Israel’s first president by Henry Ford himself in 1948. At the “Ayalon Institute” you will be let in to a long time kept secret, how Israelis manufactured ammunition  in utmost secrecy during British occupation. A wine tasting in the oldest winery in Israel is an option.

Tel Aviv - Coastal Plain / North:

(This tour is often chosen by who have spent time in Tel Aviv and would like to explore the vicinity of Tel Aviv)


As we head north of Tel Aviv we follow the ancient Via Maris. Caesarea has the nicest Golf Course in Israel, and used to have the biggest harbor in the entire Mediterranean and the entire Roman empire during the time of King Herodes. Herodes’s Theater is still there and in use. A multi media show brings the colorful history of Caesarea and the beginning of Christianity back to life. On the hill near by, lies the magnificent Rothschild park with the Family’s Mausoleum. Half of the park is designed in the French gardening style and the other half in the English style. At the Aharonson’s House the story of a brave Jewish pioneer family and their resistance to the Turkish police before World War I is told. The archeological museum of near by Kibbuz Michmoret on the sea shore, is a gem known to few and worth a visit. Or would you rather drive up Mt. Carmel, visit a village, learn about the Druse inhabitants, who belong to a little known religion, enjoy a typical meal and then visit the Biblical site of Eliha’s altar?